Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gidday and happy Australia Day!

mmmmm Australia Day - over the past spent at the Big Day Out or drinking wine at a picnic or even just having a lovely dinner in Fitzroy on a hot Summers night! Yes our beloved public holiday that you can do whatever you feel like doing at the time. As I was sharing the Lamingtons with my American neighbour he asked me what is Australia day, so I said it is something like Indepence day - nope that is oh soooo wrong! From my internet source Wikipedia :) "Australia Day is Australia's official national day, 26 January. It commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in Sydney Cove on that day in 1788." I am sure that I learnt all this in school but that was a very long time ago now!

Anyway we spent Saturday night at a Melbourne friends party where we ate lots of Aussie treats like Twisties, King Island Cheese, Cheezels, home made Pavlova and of course drank a Coopers or two. There were some great Aussie sayings hanging around as decs at the party - such as the Bees Knees, Ankle Biter, Bananabender, Bonza and the like, which were quite amusing! The pics are of some Lamingtons that we made to take to the party (I thought of making Lamingtons as I met a guy in my dance class who had just been to Australia for a holiday and told me he loved Lamington National Park in Queensland - such a beautiful place!) Little did we know how time consuming these tasty morsels were to make. We ended up using our grill tray to balance the forks of sponge and icing awaiting their time to go for a bath in coconut. They kind of look some sort of modern art installation (in the centre pic) that would be perfect for the city of Melbourne (for people who don't know Melbourne - there are a lot of cubist structural pieces of art scattered around the city, I used to live near the "cheese sticks" in Flemington).

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